Last Update: 10/01/2022

ANNOUNCEMENT from KoKoDo Kyu Shin Kai

Dear KoKoDo Friends,

We are facing the end of the year 2021,
Lots of difficulties we had to accept in the past year, the constant fight to the virus took a lot of our energy and patience, we couldn't see family and friends and couldn't practice our beautiful Art KoKoDo Jujutsu together with you all,our KoKoDo friends.
But we all kept strong, and the virus is not defeated yet, but we are winning and the victory is nearby The world became stronger together, we find out that we have to cooperate, work together to win difficult times and challenges.
Let us look forward to our meetings on tatami and lots of wonderful times coming our way,
We wish you and your family all the best, Happiness, beautiful moments and a good health
Merry Christmas
Happy New year <
Sincerely yours,
KoKoDo Kyu Shin Kai